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Robert Powers, A Luxury Vacation Network
A Luxury Vacation Network is like no other travel blog site.

It focuses on the finer aspects of travel and functions as a gateway for the critical tourist, providing details on the most elegant hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants, and news from within the luxury travel market, to call simply a couple of.

The blog is brought to you by Mr. Robert Powers (imagined right on an expedition with Land Rover, taking a trip from Kathmandu, Nepal to New Delhi, India) and a group of more than 600 writers and guest blog writers.

Robert has operated in the travel industry for 30 years and has travelled extensively. From his home in (UK) to places all over the world. An online tourism marketing business with a client base that includes a few of the finest hotels on the planet.

On account of this, A Luxury Vacation Network has grown to be one the most popular travel blogs worldwide– if not the most popular– serving more than 140,000 distinct visitors each month, and with more than 725,000 followers on Twitter and over 280,000 on Facebook (figures upgraded November 2017).

If you like to get in touch with Robert, please use this contact page.

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